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The Monsaengdao Ecological School was founded in 1998 by the Association for Community and Ecology Development (ACED) in response to the issues facing children from the region’s ethnic minority groups.

Many children from highland communities and remote rural areas live in poverty and have limited access to education. Young girls are particularly vulnerable to human rights violations including being trafficked to work in the sex industry or other menial jobs. The school was established to provide an education for at-risk girls in a safe, supportive and healing environment.

The unique combination of ecological teachings, supportive school community and the beautiful natural setting encourages each student to develop the knowledge and self reliance required to reach her full potential.

Located near Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, Monsaengdao Ecological School is one of eight alternative education schools in Thailand. The school is considered a model for providing ecological focused education for children from ethnic communities. Around 30 high school-aged girls receive free accommodation and education at the school each year.

“Education is a process of developing one’s quality of life and society to become empowered and self-sufficient. These goals are achieved by integrating Thai traditions and local wisdom with modern society and technology. In doing so, nature is respected and valued.”  

-School’s Philosophy-

Raising Project’s Needs

  • Disadvantaged Hilltribes Youth’s Learning Center
  • Disadvantaged Hilltribes Youth’s Dormitory & Kitchen and Canteen
  • Organic Farm’s Learning Model & Plantation
  • Renovating Volunteer Accommodations
  • Products of Hill Tribes Handicrafts Development & Marketing Program
  • Products of Hill Tribes Home Economics Program in Foods and Nutrition Development & Marketing Program
  • Building Water Tanks
  • Extending Water Pipe Systems
  • Maintenances the Electric Supply System
  • Road Repairs…etc


Others donate:

$25    Buys seeds and tools for a vegetable garden

$50    Provides clean drinking water for a month

$100  Provides rice to eat for 2 weeks

$250  Helps build a nursery to raise vegetable seedlings and trees for forest regeneration

$500  Pays a monthly wage for an organic agriculture teacher

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