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Eco-girl project

This project underpins the activities of Monsaengdao Ecological School and is funded by terre des hommes in Germany. It aims to protect young girls who are at risk of being trafficked by giving them access to education and the opportunity to develop themselves and become active citizens and leaders in their communities.

Many young girls from ethic minority communities and hill tribes do not continue their education past elementary school leaving school at approximately 12 years of age. They are then expected to find work and earn wages to support their families. This places them at risk of being lured into prostitution or unskilled work.

The Eco-girl project provides these girls with the opportunity to continue to higher education through an alternative education programme. Once the girls complete the courses at Monsaengdao, they are given further opportunity to attend college in Chiang Rai through a cooperative scheme between ACED and Rajabphat Chiang Rai College. The college provides scholarships to selected girls to enable them to complete their studies. 


Eco-train project

The Eco-train project was developed by ACED to promote local learning, acquisition of life skills and environmental education for students and youth in Chiang Rai. Initially the project has focused on 12 local primary and secondary schools in the local area of Chiang Rai (Doilan and Huaysak). The project features the development of a series of learning stations, each represented by a physical site around the Monsaengdao property. The 41 individual learning centers cover four themes; the sufficiency economy, local Lanna wisdom, environmental education and media and globalization. Within each theme there are a number of key study areas. These include a nature trail and sustainable agricultural areas including organic vegetable and traditional plants gardens. Teaching is delivered through workshops, activities and practical learning at the various sites around Monsaengdao. 


Our Rivers, Our Life project (OROL - Conservation and Protection of Our Rivers to Promote Life project)

This is a project of the South East Asia Regional Working Group on Biodiversity and ACED is the project partner in Thailand. The campaign promotes the protection and conservation of rivers in South East Asia by working closely with those communities directly affected by river degradation. It specifically encourages the active participation of children and youth in river health programs.

The campaign focuses on thirteen rivers in seven countries: the Salween River (Burma), Viako River (Cambodia), Mae Kok, Ing, Nan, Ping and Mekong Rivers (Thailand), Agusan and Pulangi/Liguasan Marsh rivers in Mindanao Island (Philippines), Cisadane River (Indonesia), the Dong Nai and Saigon Rivers (Vietnam) and the Xedone and Xelanong Rivers (Laos). It aims to reach approximately 200,000 children and youth (30% direct), and tens of thousands of people in 66 targeted communities region-wide. Specific activities include the formation of river watch groups, networking at a community, national and regional level and raising public awareness of river health. OROL will also utilize media to influence groups at all levels (local, national and regional) to develop policy and local laws to protect rivers and biodiversity and promote ecological child rights. 

As ACED is the OROL partner organization responsible for the campaign activities in Thailand, the students of Monsaengdao will be actively involved in the project as peer educators and participants. 


ACED operates many other programs and activities. You can find out more details on the ACED website