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Coming up charity fund-raising event 2015

Coming up charity fund-raising event 2015

11-20 February, 2015
3rd The Power of Art on the ASEAN Rivers
ASEAN ART Exhibition
For Children and Environment
At Thai Bank Museum
Siam Commercial Bank 
Head office (Ratchayothin branch)

Grants & Donation

Bank: KASIKORN BANK / Account no: 369-2-27912-2
Credit card via PayPal:



ACED's 25th Anniversary


In mid December our organisation, ACED, celebrated its 25th year of operations. We’d like to pay tribute to our Director, Mr Thewin Akkharasilachai (Kru Tum), for his commitment over the past 25 years and his vision in establishing the organisation in 1987.

The anniversary event was held over 2 days and a highlight was the celebration of the completion of the Monsaengdao Dharma Park on the first day. Monks from Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos lead the ceremony, which saw over 500 people attend to pay respect. 

It was a really wonderful day to see so many people join together to participate in the ceremony and celebrate afterwards. See the event photos here.  

And we are especially proud of our students who spent the weeks leading up the anniversary getting the grounds looking absolutely beautiful for the event.

They were joined the day before by dozens of volunteers who helped with the set up. The girls and our staff also worked from before dawn and into the night during the 2 day celebration to ensure that the hundreds of visitors were well fed, entertained and happy!

See the setup activities and our fantastic girls in action here.



Celebrating Loi Krathong 

Despite the weather being a little against us, last night we celebrated the annual Loi Krathong Festival (Loi means 'to float', and krathong are basket-like objects).

We found a great position on the banks of the Mae Kok (river) in Chiang Rai, but we'd no sooner unloaded the van when it began to pour with rain. So much for rainy season being over! Fortunately we were able to shelter under the bridge and find a place that wasn't too muddy to make our krathongs.

Krathongs are round lotus-shaped objects that are beautifully decorated and then released, with a wish, to float down river.

We made ours the traditional way. We started with a round of cut banana stem then added decorations of flowers, intricately folded banana leaves, colourful leaves, joss sticks (incense), candles and coins.

Releasing krathongs into a body of water is said to be a way of letting go of negative thoughts from the past year and to thank the goddess of water, Phra Mae Khongka.  

Loi Krathong (also known as the Festival of Light) is held on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month when the tide in the rivers is highest. Unfortunately the moon was nowhere to be seen last night.

But the weather didn't stop us having a lot of fun, despite getting quite wet! 

See more pictures of the girls' beautiful creations here


New Monsaengdao video!

A huge thank you to Celia and Matthieu, two Spanish volunteers who stayed with us in late August. During their time with us they filmed the girls activities around the school over a number of days. And now the film showcasing Monsaengdao is complete. Please find some time to watch it, you’ll meet some of our girls and hear why our school is so special. You can find it on our home page.


Eco-farm development 

As many of you will already know, we passed the Global Giving Challenge, yay! So a big thank you to all our wonderful supporters.

Our project that we submitted was for the re-development of our existing agricultural areas into the Monsaengdao eco-farm, to be used for teaching as well as practising organic farming. This project will be developed over the next 18 months and we've just started on stage 1.

We're at the end of the rainy season which was wonderful for growing all sorts of vegetables. Unfortunately the same applies to the weeds! The vegetable gardens were starting to look very overgrown by the time the girls came back from their October holidays.

So over the past few weeks we’ve been very busy clearing, cultivating and starting to plant out the beds. We’ve used some of the funds raised during the Global Giving challenge to purchase seed, seedlings and chicken poo to boost the soil’s fertility.

We plan on making the most of the cooler weather over the winter months ahead to expand the area we have under cultivation. In the coming weeks we hope to upgrade the water irrigation system, as all that watering with watering cans does get a little tedious, just ask Nam and Nee!

And we’re planning to renovate the old chicken house so that we can purchase young chickens to provide us with a steady supply of fresh eggs.

Stay tuned for other activities we have in the pipeline.